GDPR, the "General Data Protection Regulation" replaces our current PUL, Personal Data Act and imposes stricter requirements and regulations on us that handle personal data in connection with recruitment / that you become a customer with us, for example examples of personal data are email addresses, IP addresses , resume and personal letters and even photos. The purpose of the law is to strengthen the protection of the individual's personal data while at the same time regulating EU legislation. At Limousine Services we handle a large number of personal data. We have complete control over who in the company has access to customers' personal data, how and in what way the data is stored, who the data is shared with and what data is stored and for how long. Our various internal systems ensure that we handle personal data properly. 

FononiGroup never requests more personal information than necessary and we do not want to send personal letters or photos to customers. We have a well-developed structure for handling personal data that complies with the new legislation

The number of Personal Data we collect if the customer is minimal. 

We only request email address, name, not postal address, social security number, photo or personal letter, ethnic affiliation, religion, or sexual orientation

We only disclose customer information to our customers with content that is only relevant to the service or assignment.

The customer may at any time ask to have his or her information deleted or changed.

We do not have digital systems for storing personal data

We have structured systems for customer consent 

Other customer management

The Customer agrees that the processing of personal data provided in this consent will be processed by representatives of FononiGroup. The person responsible for the personal data processing is FononiGroup. Furthermore, the customer may withdraw his consent in its entirety at any time and terminate it