Lawyer Exclusive Services

Only For Law Firms


 Lawyer Exclusive Services

Only For Law Firms

B2B cooperation request

Send us a request for B2B cooperation through the form at the bottom of the page

Outsourcing customers to companies

We will send you customer requests according to the categories and packages selected by you

Present your offer to customers

You will send your offer directly to the customer

Choosing the best offer by the customer

The customer chooses the most suitable offer among the received offers


You can create your own personal plan by adding any number of add-ons to a  Platinum Exclusive plan

Customer Management

We engage and support your customers across the entire lifecycle-acquisition, Onboarding, Success and Tech support

Sales Development

We will prospect, engage and qualify B2B leads for your sales teams

Technology Enabled

Our platform captures every customer touch point on any channel you want. We customize the solution and integrate with your existing stack.

language teaching

Prepare to speak confidently with the best online tutors

health certificate

well-designed health checks and health examinations to identify important factors for your health

Visa Services

Find Visa information for all countries.

Web Design Services

Get a Custom Site Optimized for SEO and Mobile

E-Commerce Sales and Support

Engage consumers as they browse your web site to drive conversions. Support with online platforms, inventory management and product updates

Designed Platform

Our experienced team takes a consultative approach, mapping your customer journey and designing the best solution for you.

Call center

More customers – nobody calls in vain, when you are busy

virtual office

Setup a virtual office wherever you need

Translation Service

Choose the most convenient way to get your professional translation

Job Offer Services

offers support to people looking for work. It offers information, advice and support.

Advertisement Services

Ready to optimize your digital marketing far beyond what any human ever can.

Scalable Solutions

We design, build and manage scalable operations solutions for our partners. We clear a path to growth for your businesses. Otonomee partners with you to unlock your growth potential and build a solid foundation from which to succeed.

insurance services

Health Insurance Designed for Expats & Foreign Citizens

International Driving License

Driving overseas? Drive or rent a car in 150+ countries with an International Driving Permit (IDP)

Document Validation

document verification helps protect you and your customers against fraud losses

Accommodation Services

Corporate apartments made easy

Social Media Services

We handle any of your social media marketing needs including content creation and publishing, social media advertising and social media monitoring.

Included in all plans

This Features included in all plans

Support 9am-5pm

Phone and Email Support Included in Our All Packages


Email & App Notification


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